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Billions of rupees of government lands usurped, illegal constructions continue

ISLAMABAD: Billions of rupees worth of government lands have been usurped through occupation of the city government.

Capital Development Authority Survey of Pakistan and other agencies against encroachment and occupation by land mafia on forest lands at the confluence of Margalla Hill, National Park, Nala Korang and Malka e Kohsar. Despite completion of demarcation process, no action has been taken against the occupiers of Margalla Hill National Park Capital Development Authority and Punjab Forest Department lands, including allegedly removing encroachments around Nala Korang.

According to sources, government lands worth billions of rupees have been usurped by occupying the boundaries of Margalla Hills National Park adjacent to Jungle No. 1 to Bara Kahu adjacent to Mouza Manga, Salkhitar, 22 Mile, Chhatra and Karlot.

From Bani Gala to Bara Kahu, from 17 miles to Chattar and Malka e Kohsar Murree in the vicinity, illegal encroachments by the property mafia are continuing.

Sources said that billions of rupees have already been lost to the exchequer due to the alleged complicity of corrupt officials and officers of the Land Development Planning and Enforcement Department of the Federal Development Agency.

As before, these three departments are working tirelessly for the ongoing clean-up operations on government lands.

Sources also say that the locals have property rights but do not have land on the spot. Societies, investors and land developers are occupying government lands by fulfilling their nefarious intentions through inclusive races and property rights papers.


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