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As many as 60 small dams have been constructed in Sindh – Murtaza Wahab

KARACHI: Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that as many as 60 small dams have been constructed in Sindh that aim to meet the water needs of far-flung areas.

In a social media statement the spokesman of Sindh government said that these small dams have been built to save water for cultivation.

Murtaza Wahab who is also provincial Advisor for Law has shared a video of Kali Das Dam, built in Nagar Parkar in Thar.

This dam helping the agriculture economy in the region, Wahab further said.

In an earlier statement Wahab had said that around 31 new dams were under construction.

The Sindh government had launched a number of small dams projects, with a total cost of Rs 12,211 million. Various potential sites were identified for small water reservoirs, along the Kirthar mountain on the western side of the province, he added.

“There are strong opportunities to store rainwater in natural catchments of the Kirthar hills which can be used for cultivation, livestock and human consumption on sustainable basis,” an expert said, adding that the Kirthar mountain range, shared by Balochistan and Sindh, extends southward for about 300km from the Mula River in east-central Balochistan to the Cape Muari, west of Karachi on the Arabian Sea.

The areas identified for small dams included upper Kohistan, lower Kohistan, central Kohistan, Nagarparkar and Khairpur.

Murtaza Wahab in an earlier statement said that among the completed small dams 28 dams projects were completed under the province’s Annual Development Plan (ADP) while 22 dams were under the federally-funded Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

He said that the number of total proposed dams stands at 122 and the provincial government is committed to accomplish all the dams projects at the earliest. Among these, he added, some 12 dams are located in Nagarparkar–Mithi, while 14 dams in Kohistan-I Dadu and 24 dams in Kohistan-II Jamshoro range.


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