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An honest officer of SBCA has been posted as permanent DG SBCA

In the light of the order of the Supreme Court, Engineer Ashkar Dawar has been posted as DG Sindh Building Control Authority.

Ashkar Dawar is a Grade 20 officer and has been posted as Permanent DG SBCA after 4 Acting DGs.

On July 9 SBCA Director Legal had termed the appointment of Dr. Naseem Ghani Sahito as a violation of Supreme Court orders.

According to the order of the Supreme Court, no non-engineer can be appointed to any technical post, after which the non-technical DG of Sindh Building Control Authority was transferred.

Ashkar Dawar is known as a talented and an honest officer who has not been charged with any corruption till date, while he is performing his services in the Sindh Building Control Authority in an efficient manner.


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