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After the announcement of privatization, new claimants of land ownership of PSM came forward

Karachi: After the announcement of privatization of Pakistan Steel, the claimants of land ownership came forward. Due to which the land of Pakistan Steel Mill became disputed. The claimants of the land on which Pakistan Steel has been built have come forward. In this regard, Pakistan Steel was acquired at the time of construction. This was the land of the private owners and while constructing the steel mills, it was acquired by us and the price of the land was not paid to the private landowners. These landlords demanded their land with the privatization of Pakistan Steel Mill. It has decided to protest strongly against not giving land. Landlords say we have ownership documents of land of the Pakistan Steel Mill.

In this regard, the victims of the mills and the claimants of the land met in Razzaqabad. In which Syed Khuda Dino Shah Abdul Sattar Khalifa. Muhammad Anwar Jokio. Mukhtiar Ahmed Jokhio The meeting was attended by a large number of landlords including Ghani Gabol and the victims of Pakistan Steel Mills.


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