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A 6-storey residential building in Garden Usmanabad is declared dangerous and Unsafe

KARACHI: A 6-storey residential building in Garden Usmanabad was declared dangerous, shops were evacuated by vacant building and residents were shifted to a nearby school.

Police, administration and Sindh Building Control Authority officials arrived on the spot on the report of a ground mezzanine erected about 8 to 10 years ago near the Garden Usmanabad Mohammedi Ground and then cracked in a five-storeyed building.

Talking to media, SBCA Director Kacchi Abadi Saleem Mohammad Raqib said that the affected building was also damaged due to the fire in the adjacent shops and its pillars were weakened, who was allowed to construct the building. It will also be investigated

SBCA’s technical committee has also released its report after inspecting the building, which said the building had tilted aside due to the fire in the adjacent shops and its pillars were also affected. The building was built without a map, the building is now unsafe, dangerous and no longer accessible, SBCA has pasted the sales notice on the shops.

The residents of the building say they have bought flats after work hard for many years, building is crack for many years, no matter what, we will not vacate the house, the efforts of the police and the administration officers were wasted
residents have been camping in front of the house which could not seal the route inside the building.

The administration offered to relocate them to a nearby school which they refused, the building consists of 2 shops, mezzanine and 5 floors, with two shops on one side of the plot where the fire was set on Friday. beside the effected building these is another residential building and the cracks between the two buildings can be clearly seen, the residents have been moved to a nearby school.


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