5 great online shops for your home decor needs Online shopping is like a magical fantasy for all of us. You just click a few buttons, and voila, anything you want is delivered right to your home within a few days. You’ll be happy to know that there are multiple online shops in Pakistan which serve your furniture and home decor needs so you can get whatever you want at your doorstep. You’ll love the variety of styles when you surf the internet for home decor, but you need to ensure that you buy from a reliable source and preferably go for cash on delivery. To help you get started, here are some places you can get amazing items for your home.


Urban Galleria

Urban Galleria has a huge collection of products ranging from vintage to modern styles. You can buy anything from lamps to dining tables and get them delivered to your home. The categories given on the website make it easy for you to narrow down what you want. Their collection of coffee tables is especially one which catches you eye.








Wood Creations

This company has a wide variety of home furniture and specialises in classic wooden pieces. It even has doors in multiple styles. If you like a particular door, the company will send a representative to your home to take the appropriate measurements and install the door correctly. For the rest of the items on the website, you just have to pick the piece you want and it will be delivered to your doorstep.



HOiD specialises in modern design and has a wide range of contemporary furniture to suit your taste. The company constantly releases new collections so you have an amazing variety to choose from. Some of their items may require assembly at home, but are usually quite simple to put together. Their shelves, in particular are quite high quality and very stylish.




This website gives buyers a wide variety of furniture to choose from. From classic wooden beds to modern acrylic tables, this company has it all. It has a portfolio of multiple designers and craftsmen and the diversity of their products reflects that. It ships furniture all over the country and will prepare and send your order promptly.








Sixth Houzz

This website has a wide range of fashionable, modern, and elegant furniture available online. You will find whole collections as well as carefully chosen individual pieces to take your pick from. A huge bonus of ordering from this company is that they undertake the whole unpacking and installation process themselves when they deliver your item.

These were just a few of the online stores you can buy excellent furniture from. Do browse online sources for your home décor needs as you may find unique products that are perfect for you. Ensure that you’re ordering from a reliable supplier and you’re good to go!


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