32,139 acres Out of the 37,419 acres land already been acquired for Diamer Bhasha Dam

Lahore: The Government of Pakistan has acquired some 86% of the land required for the development of Diamer Bhasha Dam project, according to a news report shared in national dailies on October 3. Out of the total marked area of 37,419 acres, 32,139 acres has already been acquired.

The report also revealed that work on resettlement of the model village at Harpan Das is also nearing completion – where development work at the Right Bank Periphery Road is currently underway. Reportedly, the construction contracts of RBPR 01 and 02 have already been awarded, while the process to award the contracts for construction for RBPR 03 and 04 are underway. The report also reveals that the Thor Hydropower Project has been operational from three months – providing electricity to local residents.

As per the report’s statistics, the government has spent PKR 107.19 billion in the last 10 years on the land acquisition process and payments have been made against the resettlements. The project is of great importance to the country as it will not only help irrigate additional land for agriculture but will also resolve the issue of floods and low-cost power generation.


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