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ARY Introduced laguna Resort Island first ever in Sub-Continent

Want to enjoy resort-style living near the coast in Pakistan? Well, ARY Group has surprised and delighted the nation by introducing the concept of an artificial beach in Pakistan! In an inauguration ceremony broadcasted live on multiple TV channels, ARY CEO Mr. Salman Iqbal announced the launch of ARY Laguna, Karachi, which will become Pakistan’s first-ever artificial beach resort. Here’s all you need to know about the project and what it has in store for both investors and residents.

Held at the DHA Golf Club on the 19th of February at around 8 pm, the launch of ARY Laguna began with a preview of what’s in store for Karachiites once the project is complete. The development was launched prior to the start of PSL 5 because ARY Laguna is a titanium sponsor for the home team, Karachi Kings. The event also launched the anthem for the PSL team Karachi Kings

Moreover, the CEO of ARY Group also unveiled their new brokerage company, Vision ARY Holdings, which will be one of the largest brokerage houses in the country with 21 offices around the world. Transfer of Technology is another project being launched by the group, which will not only create jobs in the field of construction but will enable the developers to produce 80% of the materials used for the development of ARY Laguna in Pakistan. The aim is to transfer and transport international technology to Pakistan and use local labour for the creation of materials within the country, quickly and capably, creating more jobs for the people, while also decreasing the fiscal deficit of Pakistan.

The event also hosted a performance by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to entertain the many dignitaries, who graced the event with their presence, including the Mayor of Karachi Mr. Waseem Akhtar, the Governor of Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail, and the Corps Commander of Karachi, Lieutenant General Humayun Aziz.

While addressing the audience, Salman Iqbal explained his rationale behind this extremely unique approach to real estate development. He said that as a team, they wanted to offer something besides the basic necessities, utilities, and excellent infrastructure. There were four key questions on their minds when they brainstormed over ARY Laguna:

  • Can we provide a resort-style living to the people of Karachi?
  • Can we develop international standards of amenities, especially for kids and families?
  • Can we incorporate water into the plans to enable resort-style living?
  • Can we offer all of this at a competitive price in the local market?

The question of living near the water without building on the coastline was the one that actually eventually made Pakistan’s first-ever artificial beach resort into a reality.


ARY Laguna is a one-of-a-kind project that could have been built on any of the existing coastlines near Karachi. Still, taking innovation and architectural prowess to a new level, the entire development is being constructed artificially in DHA City, on the M-9 Motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad.

With the development of Malir Expressway from the KPT Interchange to the M-9 Motorway, right near the gates of DHA City, ARY Laguna will become easily accessible to people from all over the city. A drive from Defence View Housing Society near Qayyumabad to DHA City will then take less than 30 minutes.

As per the details shared with the public during the launch ceremony, ARY Laguna is Pakistan’s first-ever artificial beach resort, which will offer resort-style living to its residents. It is also the first-ever manmade beach living project in the sub-continent. The project will feature:

  • An artificial lagoon with crystal clear waters
  • Soft white sands
  • Private beach access for the residents
  • A range of water sports facilities
  • On-the-deck dining beside the beach at top quality restaurants
  • Expansive green areas dotting the project
  • Modern community-based lifestyle
  • State-of-the-art shopping mall
  • Entertainment venues and events for families
ARY Laguna will be Pakistan's first artificial beach resort
Mr. Salman Iqbal Unveiling the Master Plan of ARY Laguna

After unveiling the master plan of ARY Laguna, Karachi, a few other significant milestones came to the fore during Mr. Iqbal’s address to the public:


ARY Laguna will host one of the tallest buildings in Karachi, overlooking the lagoons and beaches for a fabulous view from the top. In fact, as per the plans, the tower will be the tallest building in the entire subcontinent once constructed.


Moreover, to bring Pakistan to the forefront in terms of real estate development, ARY Group will also develop the largest mall in Pakistan in ARY Laguna, DHA City. The mall will offer recreational facilities and business opportunities for all.


Since this is the first housing project of its kind to offer resort-style living in Pakistan beside an artificial beach or lagoon, the project also boasts stylishly constructed beach villas and Laguna villas, with 80% of the villas opening up to a manmade beach and lagoon.


With a project that harbours a large quantity of fresh water, mosquitoes are a major concern for the general populace. Keeping this in mind, an innovative solution has been invented and will be used within the housing development. The fresh water of the lagoon will be protected from dengue-causing mosquitoes and prevent them from breeding, by installing small units of a unique technology that emits ultrasonic waves that are too low for humans to hear but can keep mosquitoes away. The water will also be cleaned regularly and automatically using self-sustainable filtration technologies.

ARY Laguna in DHA City, Karachi, is all set to improve Pakistan’s economy and its real estate market in the near future. We’ll continue to update the post as more details come in, so don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back often. Keep reading and sharing our posts from on social media. You can reach us on our youtube channel Property Post


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