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SBCA taking actions on likes & dislikes basis, small houses are in priorities

The Sindh Building Control Authority in Karachi is protesting against the illegal construction and seizure of government plots on the basis of likes and dislikes. All the emphasis is on small houses and wedding halls. Portions, units, 4 or 5 storey buildings in upper class areas and properties of influential people are being avoided.

The staff breaks down some houses and leaves some in the same street, with specific areas being repeatedly identified while many areas are just visible, with personnel focusing on certain societies, operations against the encroachments on chaotic plots slow. To which the local people have expressed concern.

SBCA Additional Director General Ashkar Dawar has said that there is a uniform policy against illegal construction in all areas of the city.

According to details, operations against illegal construction and occupation of government plots in Karachi are being conducted on the basis of likes and dislikes. In some areas, especially residents of Azizabad, Federal B Area, Nazimabad and Liaquatabad, the Sindh Building Control Authority staff said. During the street action some houses are being demolished as well as leaving other houses built which cause concern in the area.

Residents say it is clearly seen that the operations are being done not on the basis of a list made by the SBCA’s top officials, but on the basis of likes and dislikes of the same. And district administration officials are also focusing more on some areas and some societies in preparing plots lists, while some areas have been left out.

Only specific areas are repeatedly identified by the Supreme Court, which directed the action against the china-cut houses on immovable and charitable plots. operation against slowing down on large chartered plots are slow. Portions, units and four five-storey buildings have been constructed in several plots in residential areas of Nazimabad No.2 and blocks A, B, D and F of Nazimabad No.4. Azizabad also has a four and five storey building with 120 yards of plots They have become units, but SBCA staff in these areas have not taken uniform action against all illegally constructed houses.


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