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10 km of Orange Line track laid; 5 stations to be completed

Lahore: Advisor to the Chief Minister Punjab and Chairman Steering Company Khawaja Ahmed Hassaan reported that a 10 kilometre track had been laid on the Orange Line route, according to news sources. It was also added that a four-kilometre stretch from Dera Gujran to Mehmood Booti would be complete within a month. This Metro Train project, passing by 11 monuments in the city, was stated to be developing at a fast pace. By 15th March, 2018, the roof shall be laid on the GPO Station, which will span over 22 kanals. This station shall have the largest roof of any underground station in the world. It was also reported that construction work on the project had been completed by 84.9 % overall.

Apart from that, 42.6 % of the electrical and mechanical works had also been completed. The gathering was told that work on Dera Gujran Station was complete by 92%, on Islam Park Station by 96%, on Salamat Pura by 95%, on Mehmood Booti by 95%, and on Pakistan Mint Station by 91%. It was stated that these five stations would be completed within a month.


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